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Words to cure for what ails you, perhaps

So let’s talk about Ratatat. 

My introduction to this song was sweaty, intimate & utterly breathtaking (literally and figuratively). 

So for those drama department kids out there, you may or may not know what I’m talking about. Because movement (as a general term for Lecoq and Viewpoints business stuff like this http://movementtheaterstudio.com/) is still a bit on the fringes, which is unfortunate because it is responsible HANDSDOWNHANDSONHANDSINBODYINetc (you get where I’m going with this, yes?) some of the the happiest hours of my life. 

Luckily, I went to school where people were interested in this and for a semester every Thursday (approximately) we’d all get together in one of the rehearsal rooms and movetogether. And the first time, we closed the session with a free-form kind of thing (I have never led these I don’t know the terms I just know endorphinssweathurtmusclesforgettingamorphousbodybeingflyingliftingtwistingloveeuphoriaconnectedness) and this song closed us out. 

So just think about it. Listen to it. Move with it. Do yo thang. 

Yes I said it. 

I’m in love with this song, two years later. In love.

And it’s a good song just on it’s own so enjoy. 

(Source: Spotify)

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